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I found myself knowing that things could not be so easy for Nate but I had no idea how Hurwitz would add more suspenseful twists without the story getting too unbelievable but he succeeded. Of course some of the situations seem unfathomable to the common person but it was not so over done that I rolled my eyes at absurdity. There were moments in this book that I was on the edge of my seat and then there would be a paragraph that would have me on the edge of tears. Hurwitz had me on an emotional roller coaster throughout the book. I was rooting for Nate to repair his relationships with his wife and daughter, work through is new health diagnosis, figure out how to deal with his Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, and fight back against the group of Ukrainians coming after him.

I felt that the characters were well developed. There was enough detail to keep me informed and have a clear picture in my mind but there was not so much detail that I became bored while I was reading. I also liked that the intimate scenes were not too graphic. The interactions and responses from the characters seemed realistic to me and made me want to know even more about them when I finished the book. Overall, this is another Hurwitz book that I would highly recommend. I find Hurwitz to be a refreshing author. He adds suspense but keeps things somewhat realistic throughout the book, so it keeps you hooked from the very start of the book.

He is a creative author and I have not read any of his books that let me down. I look forward to more Hurwitz books in the future. Library Book; Read Sept Nate Overbay is about to jump from an 11th story building into bustling traffic when The Survivor begins.

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In a terrif Nate Overbay is about to jump from an 11th story building into bustling traffic when The Survivor begins. In a terrifying, nail-biting scene of bravery he steps in. Now he must keep it together long enough to save his estranged wife and daughter. To give away anything else about the plot will destroy the read for you. Just trust me this is a good one. I prefer sexy books, or supernatural books or flat out horrific books. Thrillers usually put me to sleep. Not this one. Who can keep up that kind of momentum?

This guy can. The author inserts flashback scenes that make you want to weep for all of them. He flashes back to the early days of young love between Nate and his wife and I start to get teary. But when he reveals the reason Nate took on such a painful job probably one of the worst jobs imaginable it became difficult to drive with all of the tears blocking my vision and I had to save the rest of the audio for menial tasks around the house instead. Survivor is emotional and gut-wrenching and much more than just another suspenseful thriller.

I would love to see this on the big screen. He did a fantastic job with this piece. He is serious, masculine and his voice fits the tone perfectly.

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Sep 20, Jane rated it it was amazing Shelves: thriller. You know you're having a bad day when your suicide attempt is interrupted by a bank robbery. Just the kind of day Nate Overbay is having. He's on an 11th floor ledge - having crawled out of the window of his bank - very carefully choosing his landing spot in a dumpster so he doesn't squash anyone when he hears a gunshot and sees the blood splatter on the window next to him. When he realizes that a group of masked gunmen are robbing the bank, Nate is torn.

This is the story of fire that the statistics won't show you. This is the story of The Survivors.

He's determined to go through with his jump, but the gunmen have already killed a couple of people and they make clear they're perfectly willing to kill more, including a little girl who reminds Nate of his own daughter. What's an ex-soldier to do? Nate does do the right thing and foil the bank robbery.

But the ringleader escapes after warning Nate that "he" will make him pay in ways he can't possibly imagine. For Nate, the threat holds little weight. He was just about to kill himself after all. And if suicide doesn't get him, then his recently diagnosed Lou Gehrig's disease will.

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It is that diagnosis on top of the PTSD he can't shake and the finalization of his divorce that has brought Nate to this point and he is finding it surprisingly freeing to not care. Even when the "he" of the threat Ukrainian mobster Pavlo kidnaps him and makes clear that very bad things are going to happen, Nate is ready.

What he isn't ready for is the threat to his daughter Cielle and that changes everything. Now he's got only a few days to complete the task set for him by Pavlo. If he fails it is Ciele who will pay. I've been in a reading slump lately. It's not that I haven't read any good books, I have, it's just that nothing has been ringing my bell.

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You know what I mean. That book that grabs you and enthralls you and leaves you wanting more. The one that is just so good you have to keep reading well past your bedtime. I know you've all read them. Survivor has broken my slump. Certainly this is a page-turner, but it is also a deeply moving story of a man who is struggling and remains human throughout. This is the best thriller I've read this year.

I have only read one of Gregg Hurwitz' books and really enjoyed it, so when I saw his new release out I promptly downloaded it onto my Kindle. Luckily for me I had a few days off work and decided this was a perfect time to settle down and make a start.

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However, I probably should have known better and realised very quickly that this book certainly wasn't one that would make me settle! From the very beginning the action is full on, Gregg Hurwitz put the pedal to the metal and the reader has no choi I have only read one of Gregg Hurwitz' books and really enjoyed it, so when I saw his new release out I promptly downloaded it onto my Kindle.

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  • From the very beginning the action is full on, Gregg Hurwitz put the pedal to the metal and the reader has no choice but to go along for the ride. The opener of the book and this is not a spoiler as it is on the main synopsis on the back of the book ; starts with Nate Overbay looking down eleven floors whilst contemplating his own suicide. Within seconds he hears gunshots and realises that he is witnessing a major bank heist and that people's lives are at risk other than his own.

    From this very first chapter the book is very high octane LOVE those words together and Nate decides to put other people's feelings before his own. Nate was a former military guy and his training kicks in and he makes a decision to tray and save these people. What Nate fails to realise is that the one man that got away is also the same person that will make his life hell.

    From this point on we see Nate try to keep his estranged family safe. The book takes some amazing turns and at times I felt worn out by Nate's attempts to keep his family safe. This book may be a slight stretch on the truth but it certainly keeps you hooked.

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    The one element of this book that I liked was the fact that Nate was ill with a disease that I didn't know all that much about. It seemed to me by the end of it that Gregg Hurwitz did an amazing job of making this part of the story without overdoing it. I must say that by the end I not only felt worn out, but was disappointed to have finished a great book.